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What We’re All About

Designing, creating and delivering high quality training to support you in both work and life. We believe everyone is a learner, it’s part of being human, but not every learning experience is designed to be suited to your needs. This is what we’re all about.

Learn Something
Every Day

We create courses where you feel able to be yourself, learning where, when and how long that best suits you. By spending less time trying to fit in with pre-set course requirements, you’ll learn more and want to do it again.

Rob Martin


Our Vision

Who We Are

“Effective learning requires you to be brave and take risks”

When learning is designed to help you get over the fear of getting something wrong, things really start to happen.

We are a team who design learning which is intended to be enjoyable, challenging and effective. We use online learning as way of making our courses accessible in terms of where you choose to learn, when, and for how long. You’ll be supported through a learning journey which will build on your starting point and will help you embrace new understanding and skills.

Based near Woodbridge in Suffolk (UK), we work with subject matter experts to create courses covering both professional and personal development.

Learn From Leading Thinkers

By collaborating with leaders in their field, we can bring you up to date insights of latest information, knowledge and approaches.

Learn at Your Own Pace

You might prefer to split your training into chunks, or go headlong into a mammoth session – the choice is yours. And when you need to recap, you choose what you want to repeat.

Professional Certification

The great thing about learning something new, is that no one can take it away from you. But sometimes you might want some help to show other people what you can do.

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