Social media
As the use of technology increases, and access to information increases, our buying behaviour has changed. Over the past 8 years, there has been a worldwide decline of between 60-80% in internet interest for advertising, telemarketing and exhibitions.

The traditional model of “pushing” advertising to consumers no longer meets their needs (expecting them to come to a shop for advice and make a recommended purchase). In May 2010, Pew Internet & American Life Project found 78% of internet users conduct product research online prior to making a purchase.

Use a combination of social media and your company website to create an environment where awareness of the brand, products and services is raised. People are then guided to join a community of people sharing a common interest in what’s on offer. Their interest is stimulated to engage with the brand and supported through to making an informed purchase.

In general terms, we are changing the traditional “push” approach to one of attraction, engagement and interest – referred to as a “pull” approach.

We work with you to take you through five key steps:

  1. Develop reach
  2. Build your community
  3. Increase traffic to your website
  4. Nurture contacts
  5. Secure new business

Examples include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Example: David Silver Spares

We welcome the opportunity to help you build your brand through online marketing and sales.
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