Training packs
Each training pack has been developed to capture what works - making them flexible in how they are used, with an engaging content, and a full set of supportive notes.

Each pack is different, and please see the store for details. A typical pack will contain:

  • Delivery slides of the main topics, saved in PowerPoint or pdf files as required
  • Presenter notes in plain text or Word format
  • Activities to reinforce the learning and encourage wider thinking
  • Session planning form - for delegates to consider what they plan to get out of the session
  • Example evaluation form
  • Suggestions on further reading and extended activities

The copyright of all materials remains the property of harambee, unless by written agreement. As such, you are licensed to use the materials for your own use, but not to reproduce or distribute to others.

We collect feedback from each session and use this to evaluate if and where any improvements can be made.

To view the training packs available, please click on the following picture, or use the Store menu at the top of the page.