The combination of making a donation and seeing a "ripple" of positive impact.

In the past, we've often been approached by a range of worth causes asking for financial support. Previously we would have looked did we have enough profit to afford to help. This tended to mean that requests were subject to a range of variable factors, including market conditions for providing education, political changes in education, competition, and economic climate.

Rather than doing our sums and seeing what's left, we've developed an idea where we donate 10% of our sales to what we consider worthy causes. You will not pay any more for our services, but as a company we will allocate 10% into a holding account. We'll use this money to cover the cost of providing our own services for free to causes and organisations we wish to support. If we cannot supply a service that an organisation would find useful, we will talk with other companies we work closely with and seek to trade services that would be useful.

The "ripple" part is where we encourage an organisation who has benefitted from our donation of services to consider if they could donate a service/product to what they feel is a worthy cause. Just like skimming stones, we're hoping that some will have a knock on effect from your initial sale, and we expect some to stop after one skip.
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We'll do our best to try and track each Dipple™ and keep a record of how many knock-on donations happen once we've made the first one.

This is a new Initiative for us and started in October 2010. In summary we hope to achieve:

  • every sale will make a contribution to the donation of our services - at no additional cost to our customers
  • the monetary value of our sales stays in the company, with the 10% account paying for our services to be donated
  • we do not have to wait until we turned over a specific amount to be able to decide we can afford to make a donation
  • we hope to encourage other organisations to join our approach
  • every time you purchase from us, you are helping to create a more sustainable community
  • If you would like to know more, or discuss how you could get involved - please contact us.